The UK Street Map Pages for Advertisers

For advertising queries, please contact Claire Oddy on 01908 526670 (option 4) or email

Streetmap is a leading UK online mapping provider offering high quality mapping, business site location services and powerful advertising campaigns for companies that wish to market to a large variation of demographics across the UK or by geo-graphical and IP location.

There are approximately 25 million map pages generated per month with a reach of 13% of the UK population, of which, 450,000 maps are delivered to London everyday. There are 3.8 million unique users visiting the Website every month.

Our comfortable traffic volumes guarantee large exposure for branding and product promotion to sales through banner advertising.

Streetmap is growing and getting better!

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We are proud to introduce, our international mapping service, and,, our sister company, offering video and photographic content to the Web and broadcasting industries (please see HUTC Ltd. for broadcast enquiries). will add value to our site by furthering its reach of international users by means of overview and street level maps thus widening contact with the demographic mix and giving our advertising clients a broader choice of campaign structure. Additionally we will offer icon advertising to push brands and products of companies that wish to be, quite literally, on the map. The icon advertising service will be available on both websites and is ideal for the retail and service industries.

'comScore, Inc. a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the comScore Video Metrix service, indicating that more than 27.4 million U.K. Internet users (78 percent of the total U.K. Internet audience) viewed 3.2 billion videos online in June 2008.' .  comScore, Inc

Our new video and photographic content provided to us by Penkat is a captivating way to advertise your brand and product on Streetmap. Our compelling high-end content will be geo-referenced to the location of the event or place of interest. We will promote our clients by means of a link to their website and they to us, therefore maximising on UK and international traffic flow.

Penkat is focused on bringing us interesting and appealing subject matter from around the world. From sports events to carnivals to historical and cultural locations to West End shows; it is a diverse mix of entertainment aiming to familiarise the user with what goes on and ultimately providing encouragement to attend in person.

So how could video advertising work for you on Streetmap?

The content is here and ready for you to harness a slick campaign to suit your needs. Perhaps you are a hotel or ticket booking service, a sports brand, a restaurant chain, perhaps you are a smaller company that wants to target your area or expand overseas; our videos are in themselves an advert of an experience so why not join it?

Phone or email Claire to discuss your requirements about advertising on Streetmap and Penkat.

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